Ancillary Health Care NQF Level 1

Ancillary Health Care NQF Level 1


General Education & Training Certificate:
Ancillary Health Care

NQF Level 1: ID 49606

Ancillary Health Care
NQF Level 1 (Credits 134) – HWSETA Accredited
This is a one year qualification and can also be offered as skills programmes, modules or short courses.
Learners who complete this qualification:

  • Will possess the competence required to perform community health functions under the supervision of a professional health worker and will add value to their jobs.
  • Will make the person more effective in his/her tasks and more employable and will open up job opportunities in related fields.
Recipients of this qualification will be able to carry out their roles within the context of:
  • The clients home
  • A community care centre
  • The broader community
Entry requirements
  • Communications at ABET Level 3
  • Mathematical Literacy at ABET Level 2
  • Ability to undertake independent learning
The qualification comprises of 7 programmes

Programme 1: Numeracy skills

US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Fundamental 7464 Analyze cultural products and processes as representations of shape, space and time 1 2
Fundamental 7451 Collect, analyze, use and communicate numerical data 1 2
Fundamental 7449 Critically analyze how mathematics is used in social, political and economic relations 1 2
Fundamental 14084 Demonstrate an understanding of and use the numbering system 1 1
Fundamental 7463 Describe and represent objects and the environment in terms of shape, space, time and motion 1 2
Fundamental 7447 Working with numbers in various contexts 1 6
Total 15


Programme 2: Literacy skills

US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Fundamental 12462 Engage in a range of speaking and listening interactions for a variety of purposes 1 6
Fundamental 12471 Explore and use a variety of strategies to learn (revised) 1 5
Fundamental 12469 Read and respond to a range of text types 1 6
Fundamental 7461 Use maps to access and communicate information concerning routes, location and direction 1 1
Fundamental 12470 Write for a variety of different purposes 1 6
Total 24
Programme 3: Home based care
Core US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Core 260463 Assess the client`s situation and assist and support both client and family to manage home based health care 1 12
Core 119559 Demonstrate knowledge of the provision and implementation of primary health care 1 10
Core 119563 Engage in basic health promotion 1 8
Total 30
Programme 4: HIV and AIDS
US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Core 116999 Apply accurate information about HIV & AIDS to everyday life 1 2
Core 14656 Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS 1 5
Elective 119561 Support clients who are receiving Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) 1 6
Total 13
Programme 5: Community development
US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Core 260617 Assist the community to access services in accordance with their health related human rights 1 5
Core 110044 Collect information to support a community needs assessment 1 12
Elective 14042 Demonstrate knowledge of environmental health and community hygiene practices 2 6
Core 260481 Assist in establishing a disability friendly environment 2 8
Total 31
Programme 6: Health and safety
US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Core 119567 Perform basic life support and first aid procedures 1 5
Core 113966 Identify security, safety and environmental risks in the local environment 1 6
Core 117017 Provide information about Tuberculosis and directly observed treatment (DOTS) 1 3
Core 119560 Promote an awareness of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the community 2 4
Elective 14659 Demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute towards healthy living 1 4
Total 22
Programme 7: Personal finance management
US Type US ID Unit standards NQF level Credits
Elective 15092 Plan and manage personal finances 1 5
Total 5

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