Airport ®Emergency manuals

What is Airport Emergency manual?

Its manual compiled as per Civil Aviation Regulations CAR’S PART 139.02.6, CAR PART 139.02.21 AND ICAO DOC 9137-AN/898 PART 7 to provide clear but concise information and detail to facilitate effective management of an emergency that might arise at or in the vicinity of an aerodrome.  The manual must be easy to use and the information must be easily locatable and be readily available to all participating role players or institutions.

Enhle Aviation Manuel

Enhle Aviation Manuel

The Airport Emergency manual must include the following requirements:

  1. The list of all role players who will be involved during emergency and their responsibilities.
  2. Fire & rescue resources, equipment and medical resources to be used during emergency.
  3. Prediction of different scenarios catered for: i.e. aircraft related incidents or accidents Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3.
  4. The call out procedure when an accident or incident occurs both on and off airport emergencies. The procedure must clearly indicate the person with a mandate to institute the call-out procedure and to call such off.
  5. Layout of the airport indicating all facilities, available water resources, access roads and all other relevant information of infrastructure and clearly indicating areas where radio communication and or escort services are required.
  6. GRID CHART depicting the ten kilometer radius surrounding the airport.
  7. The aircraft recovery procedure as well as the contact detail of the institution that will be doing the recovery.

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