Safety management system (OHSAS 18001)

What is it safety management

Safety management system is a systematic approach designed to identify safety hazards and risks, control all safety elements and reduce the risks to a more acceptable manner. Safety management system provides a way for setting goals, planning, measuring the performance, control documentation and continues improvement.
What are the benefits?

  1. Safety management systems will provide a more proactive way of identifying hazards
  2. It will improve the legal compliance
  3. Addresses safety risks proactively
  4. Reduce loss of life and injuries though prevention of accidents and incidents.
  5. Improve employee’s moral by engaging them during the planning phase.
  6. Reduction in insurance premiums through demonstration of safety risk control.

Who should implement the safety management system?

Any organization who wants to increase their safety performance and legal compliance. An organization who wants to provide a structure for doing things properly, attempting to systematize and standardize whatever is possible in order to do it efficiently and effectively, using validated methodologies that lead toward the achievement of objectives. Following are the industries who have already implemented the safety system.
Civil aviation Industry, Railway Industry, Maritime Industry, Manufacturing industry, Iron and steel Industry, Construction, Food and beverages, Chemical industry, pharmaceutical, mining, etc.

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